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Web based collaborative text analytics - the DiscoverText
2011 | Author: undefined
Domain: Private areas of applications , Public Policy Domain
DiscoverText is a cloud-based solution making use of credentials, peer groups and crowd-sourcing in order to search, code, machine-classify and share large volumes of text data. More in particular it is adopted for market research, eDiscovery ...

13th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2012) Bridging Research and Practice
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
The Digital Government Society (DGS) welcomes you to the 13th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2012), set for June 2012. The dg.o meetings are an established forum for the presentation, discussion, and ...

6th Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
The Polish Presidency of the European Union (Ministry of the Interior and Administration) and the European Commission organised in close co-operation the sixth Ministerial eGovernment Conference, entitled "Borderless eGovernment Services for ...

Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012. Welcome to the exclusive Lean Startup course where you will learn from the world's leading startup founders and experts, including Steve Blank, Scott Cook, Ash Maurya, Todd Park, and many more. Build: Lessons learned in agile, continuous ...

2005 | Author: undefined
The question can be raised whether the principal effect of interactive policy development is to shore up a (creaking) democratic system or to destabilize its very foundations. In this article, a framework is presented for assessing the democratic ...

Government Governance - Corporate governance in the public sector, why and how?
2000 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
the role of corporate governance, analized to realizea model to make a good method to apply in the ral world

Governance Informatics: Managing the Performance of Inter-Organizational Governance Networks This article introduces an informatics approach to managing the performance of interorganizational governance networks that are designed to create, implement and evaluate public policies and the range of activities undertaken by practicing public ...

Enquete Beteiligung
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: General services
"The Study Commission on Internet and Digital Society of the German Bundestag is designing the future of digital society in Germany and any interested stakeholder can participate.."
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