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GAIM (Gestione Accoglienza IMmigrati): A System Dynamics Model for Immigration “housing” Policy An immigration reception “house” which has the aim to deal with both first aid problems (food and bed) and health and social needs (medical and social services) involves many variables with a high level of interaction, hence a complex system. In ...

The Social Simulator
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public order and safety , Environmental protection , Health
The Social Simulator is a hands-on, private environment to practice using the language, tools and norms of the social web for social media PR and crisis response. The platform has been deployed to train communications, policy and front line staff in ...

Pharmaceutical product strategy: using dynamic modeling for effective brand planning
2005 | Author: undefined
Domain: Marketing
Pharmaceutical companies are faced with major problems in developing and marketing new products. Examples are determining a product’s market potential under different scenarios, formulating effective marketing strategies, determining what benefits to ...

2011 | Author: undefined
As we seen have during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, computational models cover an increasingly important role in assessing and controlling the extent of health crisis. Thus an impressive amount of research has been carried on in recent years in ...

Inspiring cases: GSDP research network conference "NEW THINKING ABOUT GLOBAL CHALLENGES"
2011 | Author: undefined
The conference “New Thinking about Global Challenges” took place from in October in Berlin. The organizers of the event were the European research network Global Systems Dynamics & Policy (GSDP), the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and ...

Evaluating Decentralized Policies: Challenges, Evaluation techniques and Policy impacts
2011 | Author: undefined
The European Cohesion Policy encourages and co-funds regional initiatives to supply public goods, such as networks of transport and energy, environmental quality, investments in education and researchdevelopment, such as fostering their ...

ECB: Reflections on the nature of monetary policy non-standard measures and finance theory
2011 | Author: undefined
It is a great pleasure to open the ECB’s 2010 Central Banking Conference. As you know, we consider this event, which has been held every other year since 2000, as our institution’s flagship conference. I am therefore particularly pleased to see ...

Press; CTG Hosted Open Government Research and Development Agenda Setting Workshop
2011 | Author: undefined
The Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany – SUNY was host to a two-day workshop to outline a research and development agenda focused on the use of government data to improve the lives of citizens. CTG partnered with the ...

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