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OCOPOMO OCOPOMO is creating an online consultation and open collaboration approach to involve stakeholders in the policy formation process thereby being participatory, consensus oriented, transparent, and inclusive (i.e. implementing good governance ...

CIT-PART Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision-Making in a Knowledge Intensive Policy Field
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
CIT-PART is a research project involving seven partners from European universities and a non-university research institute Objectives Citizens, policy makers and social scientists often call for citizen participation for reasons of democratic ...

Interactive Visualizations - For teaching, research, and dissemination
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
The InteractiveVis project, funded by JISC ( from May to September 2012, aims to allow easy creation of interactive visualisations for geospatial and network data using native web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and SVG) ...

Quick-Nets Project
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public order and safety , Environmental protection , Health
QuickNets is a collaboration among the U.S. Federal Government and many non-governmental organizations. Our purpose is to set up communication (cell phones, text messaging, and Internet) as quickly as possible in the wake of a natural or man-made ...

FuturICT - Participatory Computing for Our Complex World
2011 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
We have built particle accelerators to understand the forces that make up our physical world. Yet, we do not understand the principles underlying our strongly connected, techno-socio-economic systems. We have enabled ubiquitous Internet connectivity ...

The Analysis of Complex Governance System Dynamics The goal of this project is to implement a comprehensive research and modeling project that will derive fundamental insights on social systems comprising of multiple interacting elements. It will build the capacities of the social sciences ...
Related Entities: Zia Asim

How Small System Dynamics Models Can Help the Public Policy Process
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
Public policies often fail to achieve their intended result because of the complexity of both the environment and the policy making process. In this article, we review the benefits of using small system dynamics models to address public policy ...
Related Entities: University at Albany

Visioning and Backcasting for UK Transport Policy (VIBAT)
Domain: Transport
The importance of new knowledge for the development of society is hugely important, as greatly emphasised by authors such as Popper. The challenge for research is to provide evidence to help plan for the future development of society and to react ...
Related Entities: Department for Transport

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