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A New Roadmap for Next-Generation Policy-Making In the last thirty years the role of the government has moved consistently away from services provision to regulation. Society and economy has become more interconnected, unstable and unpredictable than ever, and citizens are keener to engage ...

Collective Intelligence in Organizations: Tools and Studies
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Private areas of applications , Public Policy Domain
A new generation of Collective Intelligence (CI) technologies, adopted by public and private sector organizations, offers "the capacity of human collectives to engage in intellectual cooperation in order to create, innovate and invent".

Position paper: Including all audiences in the government loop: From transparency to empowerment through open government data
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
This paper provides examples of what new government data is being used for. In the light of a more global context and the lagging of most nations in the area of OGD, the paper also suggests other possible global uses of OGD, including ...

Opening up government data - not if, but when « Voices from Eurasia
2012 | Author: undefined
Abstract Live-tweeting from a conference several weeks ago, we realized first hand that this wasn’t just an exercise in opening up a dialogue to all who weren’t in the room with the help of the internet, but it was a useful way to get more input and ...

A multimethod approach for creating new business models
2002 | Author: undefined
Domain: Development
In 1997, General Motors (GM) assembled a project team to develop its OnStar telematics business. Telematics is the provision of communications services to cars, including crash notification, navigation, Internet access, and traffic information. ...

How small system dynamics models can help the public policy process
2011 | Author: Ghaffarzadegan Navid
Public policies often fail to achieve their intended result because of the complexity of both the environment and the policy-making process. In this article, we review the benefits of using small system dynamics models to address public policy ...
Related Entities: Ghaffarzadegan Navid

Pharmaceutical product strategy: using dynamic modeling for effective brand planning
2005 | Author: undefined
Domain: Marketing
Pharmaceutical companies are faced with major problems in developing and marketing new products. Examples are determining a product’s market potential under different scenarios, formulating effective marketing strategies, determining what benefits to ...

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