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Simgua - Complex Simulation Made Easy
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Private areas of applications , Public Policy Domain
Simgua is a next-generation, no-nonsense modeling application that helps you develop powerful models and simulations.

Insight Maker Insight Maker is based on the System Dynamics modeling and simulation techinique. This is a powerful yet intuitive modeling approach that excels at tackling complex systemic problems. When modeling with System Dynamics you build your model from ...

Vensim Vensim Simulation Software is used for developing, analyzing, and packaging high quality dynamic feedback models. Models are constructed graphically or in a text editor. Features include dynamic functions, subscripting (arrays), Monte Carlo ...

SYSDEA Many of the challenges we face are about how things change over time, which build up over many years, and will take time to steer towards a better future. These problems all tend to share a common trait - they involve things that build up and drain ...
Related Entities: Warren Kim Warren Kim

Dynamic Governance We model long-run dynamics of corporate governance, management compensation, and firm performance in framework where governance policy is determined by a shareholdervalue-maximizing board in a nonstationary enviornment. We show that firm ...

Simulating Board of Directors decisional dynamics: A System Dynamics application for Upper Echelons Theory This work deals with the development of a business game, named Board Leadership Game (BLG), which is still under further development at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. The final goal is to build a powerful didactic tool for students and ...

2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
An impact assessment study was initiated in January 2006 by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad with the sponsorship of the eGovernment Practice Group of the World Bank, Washington DC. The study was to define a framework and methodology for ...

JEDI The Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) models are user-friendly tools that estimate the economic impacts of constructing and operating power generation and biofuel plants at the local and state levels. First developed by NREL's Wind Powering ...

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