Community contributions to future scenarios

in this wiki, eGovPoliNet invites you to contribute to the revision and discussion of future scenarios of ICT support in policy modelling and governance. eGovPoliNet project members have developed six visionary scenarios which you can find under this link. In particular, we kindly ask you to comment scenarios in view of the following questions:

  • Are the scenarios realistic?
  • Are the scenarios complete and comprehensive or have we missed important aspects? If the latter, which aspects would you add?
  • Are the scenarios sufficiently diverse to give an overall picture of how ICT support for policy modelling and governance will look like in about six years from now?

You can add your views, assessments and missing aspects by writing a comment to a particular scenario. For discussing the third question, we have introduced a separate wiki page, where you can provide your comments and views. If you would like to contribute your own scenario, please provide it in form of an extended comment. We will frequently check the discussions and may move an innovative and complementary scenario proposal into a separate scenario description for further discussion by the community members.

The wiki provides the following generic functionality to users:

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